The panels of the Skyled line are slim and lit by LED, they guarantee the possibility of setting up diverse lighting intensities in relation to the environment in which they are found.
There are numerous fields of application for the product: the new line has been studied to support a suitable light with the view of relaxing, decorative and motivational images.

Ideal for the clinical sector, the luminaires we propose make places of hospital stay, recovery rooms, rest homes and paediatric hospitals more comfortable.
The range is also aimed at making the furnishing of homes, offices, studies, offices, cultural centres and wellness centres unique.
The choice of the images to be inserted in the panel is made in collaboration with the end client: architect, designer or therapist.

Possibility of composition

The panels can be arranged on a modular base of 600x600 or 1200x600. The image can be subdivided over several panels or the composition can be created with different images which are harmonized with one another.

Suitable for cleanrooms

The degree of protection of the IP54 room-side panel makes it suitable for installation in environments which require aseptic conditions. For this reason, it is often used in recovery rooms or in places of psychophysical recovery.

Versatility of installation

The reduced width of the panel allows installation in suspended ceilings where the hollow space is of reduced height.