Photometric laboratory

Forlight is equipped with an internal photometric laboratory with rotating Goniophotometer, which allows the carrying out of surveys according to C-Gamma and V-H systems. We measure flow, light intensity, performance and efficiency of light sources and luminaires.
The measurements are carried out according to regulatory requirements (UNI EN 13032-1:2012).
The data measured is supplied on the Eulumdata file (upon request Iesna).
Furthermore, we supply a pdf file inclusive of general data, polar diagram, light intensity chart and UGR chart.
Upon request: Cartesian diagram, conical diagram

Design and creating custom solutions

A premise not to be ignored of Forlight is to be able to listen to the needs of clients and decision makers, and then to give back luminaires of high quality, modelled on the needs of the client and in compliance.
Forlight has a specific custom subdivision in its team which is able to operate within any environment of action using machinery such as a folding press, a punching machine, pick and place and a photometric laboratory.
The study of design at Forlight can count on mechanical and electro technical expertise, on a team of qualified engineers who are able to adapt the standard products according to various necessities or to conceive new solutions created for single needs.
Quite simply, we are able to transform a product from an idea into a reality.

Feasibility study and replacements interventions aimed at energy saving

The work of Forlight is motivated by continuous requests of redesigning existing environments aimed at reducing and improving management of maintenance costs, for a general increase in visual comfort and a real evolution in the functionality of the environments.
This work is always preceded by a study of the real necessity and of the optimization of the use of the light sources.

Illumination design guidance

Planning nowadays must not be a repetition, but instead must be about adaptability, imagination and courage. With the very precise objective of guaranteeing the best illumination design solution.
Careful study and an aware illumination design planning are able to guarantee the correct arrangement and choice of the types of luminaire, always in relation to the destination environment.