Tunable white

The luminaires Tunable White 600x600 and 1200x600 are provided with opal and/or microprismatic diffuser with white adjustable LED light source.
Forlight is able to reproduce the natural changes of the light over the course of the day thanks to a complete control of the color temperature, depending on specific needs or on the architecture.

The light regulation is possible both in intensity and tonality, covering a range from 2700K to 6500K. This combination allows to simulate, thanks to a geolocation system, the natural variations of the light tonality during the day.
The benefits determined by the biorhythm, stimulated by a high color rendering and by adjustable intensity and tonality, make the environments comfortable and liveable.


The panels of the Skyled line are slim and lit by LED, they guarantee the possibility of setting up diverse lighting intensities in relation to the environment in which they are found.
There are numerous fields of application for the product: the new line has been studied to support a suitable light with the view of relaxing, decorative and motivational images.
Ideal for the clinical sector, the luminaires we propose make places of hospital stay, recovery rooms, rest homes and paediatric hospitals more comfortable.
The range is also aimed at making the furnishing of homes, offices, studies, offices, cultural centres and wellness centres unique.
The choice of the images to be inserted in the panel is made in collaboration with the end client: architect, designer or therapist.



The internal hook/unhook system allows the assembly/disassembly of the luminaire even on suspended ceilings which cannot be viewed from the room side.


The “pedestrian” luminaires, specifically created for walkable suspended ceilings which hide the technical hollow space, can be inspected internally from the technical hollow space without the need to intervene from the room side, and therefore avoiding the pollution of the area below.


The antibacterial polyester powder coating is an extremely good protection against the settling of bacteria; very good too is its resistance to yellowing and corrosion.


When a switch-on/switch-off luminaire is exposed to cycles of heating and cooling, there is a possibility of condensation and subsequently water forming. The compression valves eliminate this problem, protecting the internal surfaces such as reflectors and the electrical components from deterioration due to corrosion, consequently reducing maintenance interventions and increasing the life of the luminaire.


The IP protection, also in the upper part of the luminaire, allows the preservation of sterility of an operating room or of a laboratory, eliminating the possibility of external contamination.


With its closure by means of stainless steel internal clamps, the use of screws, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and can contaminate the sterile environment, is avoided.


By simply using a suction cup it is possible to quickly access the internal part of the luminaire for any eventual maintenance work; the stainless steel clamp attachments which function as hinges in the open position will allow intervention without removing the frame.


Stratified glass is an important safety feature. In case of breakage, the film in the middle of the layers avoids a dangerous fall of fragments, keeping them intact and in their place.

Led Technology

PCB LED Forlight, modular, with white light with colour rendering index – CRI – 80 or 90 and 4000K colour temperature. These are joined by TW (Tunable White) LED modules, with 2700-6500K colour temperature, RGB LED colour modules, to satisfy major lighting needs.

  • LED Size 5630 or 2835
  • Lifeme: L70B10@Tc=60°C

  • Optic output angle = 120°
  • Efficiency: CRI>90, 4000°K LPW = 125 lm/W, 700mA, 25°C
  • Efficiency: CRI>80, 4000°K LPW = 144 lm/W, 700mA, 25°C
  • Chromatic Region and Coordinates = ± 0.007 on Cx,Cy

Class III according to EN60598-1 standard device

Reference standards:

  • EN 61547 Equipment for general lighting purposes - EMC immunity requirements
  • EN 55015 Limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment
  • EN 62031 LED modules for general lighting - Safety specifications

  • IEC/EN 62471 Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems

Our Cri90 LEDs not only have a total colour rendering of 93, but they also give an excellent colour response even on red (R9=83), a very critical colour on which most light sources do not give a good rendering.

A less than or equal to 3 SDCM or MacAdam step 3 value means that no variation in colour shades among the individual LEDS can be distinguished.
In the technical specifications of the lighting devices, an initial colour variation of less than or equal to 3 SDCM is an optimal value.