Why Forlight

No compromise

Forlight’s entire philosophy starts with a concrete and unmovable precondition: from the planning to the choice of components, from the installation solutions to the lighting performance, from the energy saving to the visual comfort, the company does not accept any compromise.

Everything at Forlight is made with maximum attention in relation to the quality of the materials used and of the processes performed, to guarantee our clients the best existing solutions on the market.

Our work finds its full meaning in the applications and in the diverse areas in which our light is used. For this reason, every project is followed with care and precision, with the objective of continuously defining new design methods and new contexts of innovation.



The quality of materials used guarantees a long life for the luminaires. Lighting sources and components are selected to guarantee performance, safety and reliability over time. The type of paint, the study of anti-dust solutions, the temperature management, a high degree of protection and high reflection optics allow Forlight luminaires to maintain unaltered their performance, finish and safety in the long term.


Plug in: easy to install

Forlight luminaires are made in such a way as to facilitate their installation with appropriate custom apparatus for every situation, even with a simple Plug in.


The best photometric performance

From the planning phase Forlight, thanks to its internal laboratory, carries out tests to obtain the best light for every situation, guaranteeing an optimal level and a continual check of the photometric performance quality.


Mechanical resistance

The choice of materials is the ideal solution between the mechanical resistance of the luminaire and its weight on the suspended ceiling structure.


Pre-cabled connection

The pre-cabled connection allows a rapid and foolproof installation guaranteeing the client a considerable time saving.

Forlight - Our birth

Forlight was born from an idea, from a desire, from a dream: the belief that everything is possible if we work with tenacity, with care and attention, and with an intense passion for our work, pushed by the desire to give life to a better light.

The determination to discover new ways and to achieve new results has brought the founders of Forlight to unite different skills, structured and varied professionalism with the will to determine new results and appropriate solutions for the specific needs of any market.

Mixed and complementary abilities have come together, giving life to a lighting company which is able to satisfy all needs and, motivating the production of luminaires and custom service.

The light at Forlight comes from here. From the capacity to think and to create an exact and balanced light in respect of the environment to which it is to be applied.

Forlight - Our world

Visual quality, physical and psychological well-being, sustainability: Forlight supports a concrete and positive development of work, of society and, in general, of life by means of light.
We support an aware use of light for a real improvement in the quality of life; we want environments to be transformed into hubs of energy thanks to reasoned lighting.

Forlight’s luminaires integrate perfectly with the materials in which they are installed.

Light as a synonym of social and private well-being, which is based on the quality of the technology used, on the constant research of state-of-the-art solutions and on the continuous increase in the performance of our luminaires.

We stand for light which generates well-being, in which the safety and the performance of the light sources are constantly monitored, to create a constant and productive dialogue with our clients.
So as to discover new lighting possibilities in a long-lasting work prospect.

For you - Our future

Innovating, to resolve the relationship which light establishes between man and both living and working environments; not just to illuminate spaces, but also to improve the quality of ‘seeing’, which turns out to be functional, comforting and efficient, contributing to give people security, without causing fatigue.

Achieving new results by means of concrete work in which light is expressed with simplicity.
Light, now more than ever, has become a precious tool, able to improve the quality of life in respect of the environment in which we live.

Origin of an idea

Forlight is inspired by nature, by the purest light which allows us to see the real essence of things.

Every object thanks to light comes to life, tells its tale and expresses itself, transforming into a symbol of energy and purity.

Forlight is attentive to man and his necessities, and wants to create, via artificial light, a light which is ever nearer to natural light.

Seeing through

The light at Forlight goes beyond the simple function of lighting. It gives new form and reason to things.
Our “seeing through” means evaluating light in relation to its logical invading of spaces.

Our planning always respects the natural behaviour of light and for this reason we study it in its essence, predicting and addressing its every reaction.

We always take into consideration the obstacles that light can come across, with the capacity to get round them and overcome them if necessary.

Unique distinctive traits which, from time to time, intertwine between themselves to give life to new solutions.